Brooklyn's in the House (A Birth Story)

Brooklyn's in the House (A Birth Story)

Warning this post mentions infant loss and is a possible trigger warning for some readers. 

How our little princess Brooklyn (AKA Boogie) came into this world is a doozy! We are so grateful to God that she is healthy despite all of the complications leading up to her birth. Incompetent cervix, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia YOU NAAAAME IT! Rewind to September 15, 2017, that whole week I had a feeling I was pregnant but honestly I didn’t want to believe it/get my hopes up. I had randomly taken a test a couple months before when my cycle was a little late and was disappointed. You see, a couple years ago we were expecting a boy, and we only made it to 21 weeks gestation. I told myself that I would wait until that Friday morning to take a test since that would make me well over a week late. I got up around 3am to use the bathroom so technically it was Friday, right?? I took the test and it was positive!! I sat there in shock and wanted to scream, but didn’t want to wake the Husbae. I thought about keeping the news to myself for a while, but I woke my husband up and told him and he was excited. Sleepy, but excited. I couldn’t help but smile the rest of the day. A whole new set of emotions came over me. I was excited, yet cautious. I wondered if it was ok to be elated about being pregnant again. Did that mean I forgot about the son we lost? What if this baby doesn’t make it? It was a lot to wade through and make sense of. I had to remind myself daily that God was in control and there was nothing I could do other than trust Him. 

Because of my history, my doctor was so EXTRA with me and I’m grateful she was. I had a couple scares early on with spotting, but Boogie was squirming away on all the ultrasounds. I started weekly progesterone shots at 17 weeks and at 21 weeks, I had felt some odd throbbing over the weekend and I called the doctor Monday on my lunch break and told her what had happened over the weekend. She told me “go to Labor & Delivery NOW”. I was already feeling some type of way as 21 weeks crept up on us, since that’s the time we lost Jorden. I went and found out I needed an emergency cerclage because my cervix had shortened and we needed to keep Boogie in as long as possible. We suspect this is what happened last tim so Ok, fine. I figured I would be off work the rest of the week to recover and be back the following week. My doc said NOPE you aren’t going back to work, I’m putting you on bed rest. 


I briefly panicked because I can’t NOT work. I then got a sense of calm around me and called my job. You see, the way my God is set up, He allowed me to be able to work from home. This job has been such a blessing to me and my family  even though I haven’t been here long. Let’s just say my last job that I was at for 10 years didn’t take care of me this way so when God told me to leave, I left. 

So, the time comes for the dreaded glucose tolerance test at 26 weeks. I was pretty confident about it. I drank the solution, mine tasted like a melted popsicle thank God. I had heard horror stories about how nasty it was and how much of it you had to drink. Y’all. I FAILED the test. I passed the fasting and one hour test, but that two hour test I took an L. I almost cried. That meant I couldn’t have my beloved butter pecan ice cream, bread, and all the other things I liked to eat. I was more frustrated because this was yet another doctor I had to go to. I was already seeing my regular OB/GYN and a Maternal Fetal Specialist, and now I had to see an Endocrinologist. LE SIGH. On top of all this I’m on bed rest and can’t drive anywhere. THE STRUGGLE WAS SO REAL. Grudgingly, I fell in line with the diet and kept my sugar in check.

struggle bus.jpg

Toward the end of March I started swelling at my feet, and in my face and hands. I figured it was normal pregnancy stuff. The week of the baby shower (which we had to have at home because: bedrest) I had an appt (which I had every week) and my blood pressure was a little high. My pressure has always been low, so they told me to take it even easier. Fast forward a couple weeks later and I had an endocrinologist appointment and they said my pressure was high and later that week I had an OB/GYN appointment (I'm 34 weeks at this point) and they were really concerned at my blood pressure. My doctor was also mad the endocrinologist office didn’t let her know my pressure was high. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and we then get sent to Labor & Delivery to be observed. The nurse comes in regularly to check my pressure and it keeps going up. Mind you, through all this I feel fine. My doctor eventually comes to the room and says we are having a baby tonight! My husband and I just looked at each other like WHAT?! He asked how soon is this happening, she said in the next hour. So we had to let our family know we went from being observed overnight to having a baby! I was so swollen from the high blood pressure, they had a hard time starting my IV. I was stuck no less than 6 times. *insert eye roll here* Next thing you know I’m being wheeled in to have my cerclage removed, then the c-section IMMEDIATELY followed. We went from telling our friends and family that we were just at the hospital being observed, to calling them RIGHT back saying Boogie was on her way ASAPtually!


Boogie came out kicking and screaming at 10:37pm on April 12. She was 3lbs and 14 oz (Pi baby...yep her mama is a nerd LOL). She is the true definition of tiny but fierce. They let me see her briefly then they whisked her off to be cleaned up. The first few seconds after they pulled her out felt like hours. I was waiting to hear her cry, and baby girl had a set of lungs on her! She was 34 weeks gestation, so she was admitted to the VIP section of the hospital (the NICU). 

its the brooklyn way.jpg

They only put her on the normal IV fluids and gave her a feeding tube just in case. They only used it a couple times because she ate like she had Red Lobster biscuits in her bottle and she actually snatched the tube out a couple of times. She had jaundice for a little bit and had to rock her baby Blu Blockers for a couple of days.I was salty I didn’t get to see her until the night of the 14th, so I had to rely on the pics and video from my husband, family and friends. It was hard being the last one to see your own child. When the day finally came I was full of anxiety. Even though I had seen pictures, seeing your baby hooked up to all these machines and wires and sleeping in an incubator was a bit much and I cried. The tears were a mixture of love, gratefulness, sadness, grief, and joy. Our baby was finally here! God had answered our prayers in a MIGHTY way. Boogie is healthy, thriving, and beautiful. She is also pretty good at dishing out some epic side eye!



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